“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul”

-Marilyn Monroe

Old Hollywood Tumblr, Asphalt Jungle, behind the scenes

I think at some point in a girl’s life, she goes through this Marilyn obsession. Whether it is trying to dress like her, talk like her, or just try and ooze that girly/sexiness that was Miss Monroe.

For me, I keep going back to the pure fascination with her. Not really trying to dress or sound like her, but there is this constant longing to know more. To try and be the one that figures out her secrets and what is really lingering inside of that platinum blonde head of hers.

So, lately there has been a lot of Two Little Girls from Little Rock singing, Let’s Make Love watching, and The Last Interview with Marilyn listening.

How is it, that such an amazing icon could be so isolated in the world? Hollywood, presumably.

Looking to get inside what made her tick? Here are a few of her favorite things:

Beverage: Dom Perignon 1953
Female Singer: Ella Fitzgerald
Beauty Product: Nivea Moisturizer
Poets: Walt Whitman and John Keats
Male Singer: Frank Sinatra
Films: The Asphalt Jungle and Don’t Bother to Knock
Perfume: Chanel No. 5
Colors: Beige, Black, White and Red

Last photo shoot with Marilyn, 1962, Bert Stern


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