It’s Here!

Finally! It is September and that means that the Halloween decor, pumpkin spiced lattes, and fall themed attire is happening people! Fall has always been my favorite season, there is just that whole nostalgia aspect of feeling the slight crisp in the air and smelling the leaves. It is a little hard to do that here in southern California. But hey, I can blast my AC in my car and hold my pumpkin latte close.

To kind of help with the Halloween mode, Brando, Michelle and I ventured over the hill to check out a few creepy spots here in LA.

First up:



This little spot has everything strange and quirky that you could ever ask for. From home décor, books, and toiletries, to DIY crafts, clothing, and taxidermy. We all found some high quality items, such as a yodeling pickle, barking/walking dogs, and a Marie Antoinette action figure with a pop-off head!



So if you’re looking for some absinthe mints or Jack the Ripper room spray stop over to: 4633 Hollywood Blvd. in LA.

Next up:

Danzig’s House.


Pretty much everyone has heard of Glenn Danzig some way or another. Whether it is from the Misfits, Danzig, or know who this epic punk rocker is. In keeping with his horror-punk theme, his house is no exception. The house is creepy and kooky and all together spooky. The dude lives there, but all you’re wondering if how many bodies are lurking in the basement..

Well that made me hungry!

Off to Trails Café in Griffith Park.


Right inside of the entrance to Griffith is Trails. An all made fresh little organic joint that was so cute! I normally don’t think about eateries as being cute, but this was just a perfect place to go and have a little “picnic”. Now their food isn’t cheap, but it’s a fun experience to be able to order vegan rancher’s pie and drink fresh strawberry lemonade outside in the park! The only thing Halloween-y about this place was they had added some nice fake black birds to the outside topiaries that even Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of.

More creepy!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery:


Specifically Maila Nurmi ‘s grave.
Maila Nurmi was the gorgeous Vampira! She portrayed Vampira as TV’s first horror host and in the Ed Wood cult film Plan 9 from Outer Space. She also appeared in the 1959 movie The Beat Generation as Vampira and had her own show, The Vampira Show.

Well, after visiting Miss Vampira and Estelle Getty at the cemetery, it was time to head home. Man I was pooped! Before venturing out we did a 9 mile run, so my little legs were tired!


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