Darker Side of LA: Elizabeth Short

There are a lot of seedy parts in Hollywood, lots of murders and mysteries that seem to take place, however, one of the more famous murders that has occurred in the glorious city of Los Angeles, was the murder of Elizabeth Short.


Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress who ended up being the victim of a horrific and much-publicized murder.

Located at 3825 S. Norton Ave., just south of 39th St. in South Central LA, there once was a vacant lot where the mutilated body of the Black Dahlia was found cut in half on January 15, 1947.


I cannot even imagine being the local resident who was out walking her three-year-old daughter when she came across the naked body severed at the waist with a Glasgow smile and completely drained of blood!


When the Los Angeles Herald Express and the Los Angeles Examiner highlighted the case they turned Short’s black tailored suit that she was last seen wearing, into “a tight skirt and a sheer blouse”. This now turned Elizabeth Short into her new identity as the “Black Dahlia”, an adventurous who “prowled Hollywood Boulevard”.


What makes this even more sickening is that the killer actually called into the Los Angeles Examiner because he/she was concerned that news of the murder was tailing off in the newspapers and offered to send the editors items that belonged to Short! What a sick bastard!

So, sure enough the following day a package arrived at the offices of the newspaper and it had business cards, photographs, Short’s birth certificate, names written on pieces of paper, and an address book with the name ‘Mark Hanson’ embossed on the cover. Hanson was actually the last person known to see Short alive – so then he obviously became the prime suspect.


Still today this is an unsolved case with a slew of conspiracies surrounding who the Black Dahlia Avenger could have been…

So go check out the location and see if you can pick up on any leads yourself!


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