Mad Men: Don Draper

For the past five years, like most people in American society, I have fallen into the love that is Mad Men. The reoccurring themes of alcoholism, smoking, adultery, sexism, and counterculture all seems to somehow lure everyone in to dream of a life that once was, or once could have been.


In my new obsession for finding various filming locations on my free time, I was able to find the residential home of Mr. Don Draper and his former family.


Thanks to I am not a I was able to easily find the house located at 675 Arden Rd. in Pasadena.


Ch’en eagerly posed for me since there was a nice little doggy in the side yard that wanted to play!

And to make my filming location stalking even easier, the picture perfect house from the Father of the Bride was right around the corner so I was able to get two shots in one trip!



2 thoughts on “Mad Men: Don Draper

  1. Cool – I’m working my way through Mad Men a little late – though that lets me cruise through the Netflix a lot faster than waiting for new episodes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Netflix is an amazing invention! so you can watch a whole season in a day and not have to deal with any commercials.
      So glad you’re enjoying it!

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