A Day in Brentwood

Lately I have been back in Brentwood working and so when I am over in this part of the neighborhood, I love to check out different filming locations, coffee houses, and maybe even sneak in a few celebrity houses.

Here is the Westwood Cemetery that is near Westwood and Wilshire Boulevard. They have a couple of famous residents, such as Farrah Fawcett, Bettie Page, and the wonderful Marilyn Monroe.




Traveling over Wilshire and up to San Vincente, you can come to Bundy, which is the horrible scene of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. (875 S. Bundy, that address has been changed though)

On a little bit happier note, you can make your way over to the house that Gloria and Jay live in on the set of Modern Family. On the show the house doesn’t look that big, however, this is a huge lot! It’s a five-bedroom, six bath house that lands in at 6,359 ft.²! You can find this amazing piece of architecture at 121 South Cliffwood Ave. also in the Brentwood area.





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