Fashion Forward: Runaway Runway

Over the weekend our store held an event out in our parking lot that was every working girls dream: A high-end fashion closet on wheels.
Runaway Runway is a mobile truck that tries to hit all over the city, bringing cute clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses to your door. This little truck was started by Gayle Shea, a clothing designer and buyer for Bar Mache in Paris. After selling her clothes at various wine and cheese events that her friends would hold, the parties started to get a little bit bigger! Henry, her husband, started getting tired of hauling the clothes around for her, so they bought an old laundry truck and created Runaway Runway. They do all kinds of private if you need a fun way to spice up a social gathering, try giving Gayle a ring!

The outside of the truck makes me want to play croquet and drink lemonade in my argyle skirt
Lots of gorgeous colors for summer!
Stackable bracelets, rings, and jeans in ever color

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