DIY Nautical Bracelet

Keeping up with the whole nautical theme, I found these bracelets online and fell in love with them…not wanting to shelling out that kind of money for some rope, I decided to try my hand at “jewelry” making.
So here is my attempt at creating a nautical inpsired sailor bracelet!
about 24″ of rope in any color that you like,
I stuck with the navy and cream
Jewelry pliers
End clamps
Clasps of your choice
Jump rings
Fabric glue

Step 1:

create a loop with the rope and with the longer end cross it up and through the loop that was just made

Step 2:
form a figure 8 with the rope
Step 3:
With the longer end of the rope, thread that through to the right of the figure 8
at the first/bottom loop
Step 4:
Repeat that through the top loop of the figure 8 and gently pull through
Step 5:
Pull the rope at both ends and position the braid how you see fit
Step 6:
some distractions may occur, so take pictures if you feel it’s appropriate..or even if they’re not
Step 7:
Glue one end of the bracelet with the two ropes into one of the clasps, and let it dry
Do so with the other side
Step 8:
close the clasps tightly with the pliers
Put on a jump ring on each end at the clasp and then at the closure you selected
Since Step 6 distracted me SO much I don’t have pictures of steps 7, 8, and 9….
Now, VOILA!! A fun little bracelet to prepare for your days of living on a yacht or a lighthouse


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