Dog Beaches in Southern California

 For a city that seems to be so in love with their pets, especially their four-legged canine friends, I was surprised to see how many beaches did not allow dogs to come and rest their little paws on the sandy shores.

Since Ch’en isn’t that big of a dog, he does have his own little stroller so that I can take him places and not have to worry about him getting too hot or winded from “strenuous” walks. For instance, last week we decided to head over to Santa Monica and go for a run on the board walk, knowing he would get tired after two minutes; it was nice to be able to bring him and just push him in his magical chariot. It did kinda suck though; that we were not able to take him into the water…he wasn’t going to complain about that one.

My Precious

Marcel Enjoying Himself
Luckily for me, I am not alone in the crazy stroller pushing dog insanity. My buddy Andrea let me in on the loveliness that is Huntington Beach and their amazing little dog beach they have going on there. It was a gloomy Wednesday afternoon, so I figured no one would be there, however, once we walked up to Pier 22, there were all kinds of babies out and about! Bulldogs! Labs! Pitties! Oh My! It was amazing. Marcel and Ch’en had their short lived glamour moments on top of a lifeguard stand until we were asked not to do that anymore…then to the ocean.
Marcel and Ch’en Ch’en Keeping Watch
Ch’en is not a fan of the beach and so every time I would try to get him to go into the ocean, he would just run away from me and try to make other friends with strangers. Total traitor. It was quite an amusing day… for me at least.

So, if you’re looking for a fun place to go and that is pet friendly, hit up Huntington, it’s only an hour from LA and there are lots of fun shops and eateries around to fill your belly when the photo shoot is over….and then head to Sprinkles new ice cream store! It’s right next to Sprinkles cupcakes and it will blow all other ice cream joints out of the water!

Me and Candice, founder of Sprinkles and judge of Cupcake Wars!


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