Vegan Fish n’ Chips

A spot of tea anyone?  In the longing of going back to London, the husband decided that for day 3 he would take a crack at making some vegan fish n’ chips. Vegan fish n’ chips? This sounds a little not right. However, I would gladly be the food tester for this experiment. Before we did so, we needed to work up an appetite by not eating and looking at some fun sites around Beverly Hills. We popped over to the “The Witch’s House,” this little gem of whimsical oddities was built in 1921 for a movie studio in Culver City. It was used in a lot of silent films, and then moved to the residential neighborhood of Beverly Hills in 1926, where it is now a private home. For all the Clueless fans, you recognized this instantly. 
For the “fish” portion of this, he just took the recipe from How it all Vegan, on how to make mock fish. A tasty set of seitan strips really with some kelp flavoring.
Then when the pieces are all set, dip each morsel into a beer flavored batter. The husband found a vegan brand from England…made from like a 700 year old well. I am not a beer drinker, but it was tasty.
To make the beer batter, simply mix the equal amounts of flour and vegan beer along with the spices:

1 cup flour
1 cup beer, stout is good
a good sprinkling of paprika
a pinch of salt and pepper
 After dipping the fish in the batter, it is time for frying. Pour about two bottles of canola oil into a deep pan and heat it up on a nice hot stove burner. Be careful! Oil can catch on fire easily….its good to have some baking soda near by!
Fry until each side is golden and crispy.
Pair all of this with some steak cut fries and peas and you have yourself a good old fashioned English meal. 


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