The Greener Side of Cali: Cisco Home

“Eco-Friendly”, meaning “not harmful to the environment”….that seems to be the way that everyone is going. Or at least it seemed that everyone was doing it, when I submerged myself into researching, studying, and trying to practice everything green that I could. When I finally stepped outside of my bubble for a bit, I realized…oh…maybe everyone isn’t as advanced doesn’t think like me.

Luckily in California there is a little bit more of an interest in making things sustainable, eco-friendly and just plain good for the environment and our future generations. And one place that is certainly doing their fair share is Cisco Brothers.

Cisco Brothers was started a little over a decade again, right here in LA. Having a great love and respect of nature, Cisco Pinedo created a line of furniture that was the first to create 100% FSC-certified furniture, none of that pressed particle board that you see so often at, oh let’s see..everywhere…and they are only improving.

A few of the high points that make them stand out among the crowd:

• water based glues

• natural latex, down, feathers, or soy-based foam cushion options
• vegetable dyed leather
• made right here in good ol’  LA
So if you are ever in LA and need some of the best furniture around, stop in at one of their stores and see for yourself!


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