Slowing Down

I think one of the reasons why I love the Parisian lifestyle so much is the fact that every moment that they spend awake or asleep, they always seem to be truly living. Not worrying about what is going to happen next week, tomorrow, or even two hours from now. The time is just now, and that is all that matters. Why can’t Americans be a little more… French?

Down at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, there is a brilliant offer that allows yogis of all levels to come out and stretch their inner stress away and become one with the palm trees and of course, the gophers.

I think these are just the perfect touch to some calming scenery, especially when you have accidentally place your mat over one of their many, and I mean MANY holes, and they they try to burrow their way out through your mat. Nothing like a little nudge in your foot when you’re trying to stand in tree pose.

On a more materialistic note. Last Friday, Kendra Wilkenson from the Girls Next Door was down in Long Beach doing a book signing for her new biography, Being Kendra.

After leaving around 2 pm and driving for over two hours trying to only go 30 miles, we arrived and get the VIP treatment! Thanks to Andrea, we were able to use her members card and get a discounted book and bumped up to the front of the line.

The signing started at 7, however (according to Kendra) she had to take a moment in the bathroom to put her eyelashes back on.

All of a sudden I got completely star struck, and had no idea what to say or ask her. Luckily, she was one of the most down to earth persons that I have ever met!

She was so humble and sweet, I could not have asked for a more enjoyable meet and greet!

She talked to me a bit about her makeup and how she was not use to all the fuss over fake eyelashes, she personalize my copy of her book, and then she signed a crew badge that B had from working on the show. Great, now I love her even more!


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