Everybody Loves a Good Taco

Living in LA has its perks. Incredible Mexican food..incredible food in general. Perfect weather. And an endless amount of things to do.

Love in LA.

Ch’en and I have been hitting up Runyon with Margaux a lot lately, so we decided to go back to Christina Ricci’s ‘hood and hike around Griffith.

All that hiking works up an appetite so we needed to pick up Derek and have him show us some good places to grab some bean infused bites.

We traveled over the pine tree laden hill and rolled down onto La Brea to Tinga. A wee little store that was perfectly decored and had some amazing menu items.
Opting for the black bean and goat cheese quesadillas I was definitely pleased with my ten dollar purchase.

Watermelon juice, horchata, or lime juice. All three please.

Brandon got the same, paired with a horchata…while Derek got some meaty tacos and a dirty horchata

…random side note too on the perks of LA. Seeing people from good movies and shows you like and ordering dirty soy chai’s…nice to meet you Matthew Gray Gubler…
Ok, so back to Tinga…GO! It’s awesome…and then follow it up with a trip to Amoeba and a free show put on by the Bo-Keys.

Now time for Zumba class!


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