They’re Here!

Cinespia over at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is such a freakin’ awesome place! We went before to see The Bride of Frankenstein, and this time we were back to see Poltergeist.

It was their last showing of the season, so it was packed! Several hundred people all lined up down the street of Santa Monica to wait their turn into the cemetery. I was kind of surprised we got in!

We had eaten before hand so we did not bring a big picnic with us. Just the necessities. Pumpkin beer, wine, pretzels, a candle and blankets!

There are seven basic rules for the movie event:

  1. Print Directions to the cemetery! You don’t want to get lost getting there and end up in the Fashion District
  2. Bring picnic dinner and drinks
  3. Parking on cemetery grounds ($10).
  4. djs spin records before and after the screening
  5. Bring comfy blankets and pillows and a hoodie!
  6. no tall chairs and sadly no dogs
  7. and no big fires with barbecues! We don’t like fires in LA

Come on! Where else are you going to go and watch a movie in a cemetery, under the stars, surrounded by stars, dead AND alive! There was a writer for Poltergeist there, one of the stars, and a composer? I do believe. Awesome.


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