Finally, after talking about it for so long it seems.. we packed up our cars and hit the road to come back to LaLa Land.

I’ve been wanting to come back for so long, I couldn’t believe that we were actually doing it!

First day we went through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and then landed in Kansas. Hitting up a local hotel in Lawrence, we got some Chipotle and called it a night.

After we made it out of Kansas we got to drive through Colorado, which I was a little nervous about since my car is tiny and only has like 50 horsepower and was no weighed down with a ton of stuff. Is it really going to be able to make it up these mountains??

Holy cow gorgeousness though !! After we made it through Denver, we hit the mountains and it was absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the mountains at dusk just was astounding. I could see myself picking up a Subaru and taking off to the slopes there.

We went through Vail (amazing as well) and then stopped in Eagle Rock. What you would always expect when you think of Colorado Ski trip vaca.

After leaving the Rockies we headed on to Utah. I am not sure what I was thinking Utah would be like, but I was surprised by how desert and then mountainous it was. And freakin’ hot! Ch’en was pretty much passed out the entire trip.

We stopped in St. John’s, Utah for the night to try and catch up on sleep. By now we were both cranky and irritated and ready to be out of the car. For breakfast we found this awesome little smoothie place. Emerald City Smoothies! Pineapple, coconut and almond milk. Oh my!

A quick little jaunt through Arizona and we were now in Vegas! It was interesting to see it…and all its smogginess. We stopped off for our daily large fries and diet cokes….and that was a little scary.

Dun ! Dun ! Dun!! Now through the Mojave Desert. It was packed on those roads! I was so surprised…..six more hours! I was so eager to see our new place in lovely Burbank! We arrived during rush hour. Only appropriate to be back at the peak traffic time.

Ending our trip at the Pacific Ocean!


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