Acupuncture on a Rainy Day

It’s been raining a lot here and cooling things off, it’s been just the perfect hoodie weather! And perfect for trying new things. The other week on Groupon they had an offer for acupuncture at East West Acupuncture in Speedway.

I had never had a treatment before, so I was a little apprehensive about needles being poked around on me. I am not one for needles to begin with! Jennifer was my acupuncturist and she was extraordinary! Just in the first few minutes of talking with her, I felt entirely trusting of her and calm to be in her care.

In Chinese medicine, they check your pulse and examine your tongue to tell a lot about your body and what is going on. Right away she was able to tell that I was a vegetarian that ran and did not do a lot of upper body strength.

She had me impressed. She sat and talked with me longer, and more in depth than my normal family doctor! She got down to various roots of issues that I was having.

After our 20 minute therapy conversation, she had me lay down on the bed and get comfortable. She had a small heater in the room to help my body relax more, turned off the lights and had soothing music playing. Then she began to place the needles. My ankles and shins got poked first. Then two on each wrist, my chest and belly button and one in the middle of my forehead. She talked with me a bit to make sure I was feeling good. They all felt really well, surprising, I could definitely feel it in my wrists though, I am most sensitive there and she said I would be too. She checked on me after ten minutes, and then after twenty the needles came out. It was like taking a Valium. I just felt so relaxed and just a sense of peace. I am already scheduled to go back in two weeks!


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