Pumpkin Spice and Veggie Dog Treats!

I am officially declaring it fall!!

How it goes from being over 100 degrees to being a high of 65, I am not sure, but I will take it!

On the to do list: Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. After having worked there for more than six years, it is a bit of a punch to the gut when I ordered two venti PSL and they were more than $11, ugh. Oh well…I sipped on that deliciousness for the next 3 hours! Had to make sure I savored it all..

So in the beauty of being fall, I figured it was also time to start baking a bit more. And who is more grateful to get cookies than Ch’en? He was being visited by his cousin Theo, so he will have to share.

It’s so hard to find vegetarian, let alone, vegan dog treats, so I just opt to make my own. Plus I can bake all I want and not be tempted to eat them all myself.

I don’t want to feed my dog anything that I wouldn’t feed myself or husband. A true vegan formula contains no dairy products or products derived from trace amounts of meat or dairy sources. So Ch’en’s food is simply brown rice grain, oatmeal, green peas, and fresh potatoes..and no strange animal byproducts!

Now for the vegetarian doggie treats! Ingredients: Wheat germ, baby food, some good for the joints and hair oil (it’s fish oil, I know. It was a gift for a foster dog we used to have and Ch’en likes the way the ladies notice the extra shine in his coat) and a little almond butter to enhance the whole flavor.

Mix em all up and then form little balls, and press them like you would a peanut butter cookie (which I ended up making after these were done..)

Theo was very patient while they baked.

Bake for about 30 minutes at 350* and then let cool before giving em to the fur babies! Easy peasy!


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