First Friday Food Truck Fest!

Since Brandon gets to have fun in NYC, I needed to keep myself entertained and so last night for Indy’s 1st Friday event, there was a First Friday Food Truck Festival that Anna, Jesse and I needed to attend. It was held in the parking lot at the Murat, now known as the Old National Center.

I was not sure what to expect since I haven’t really heard much about food trucks in the Indy area. It seems like a hipster thing that is catching on though..and food on wheels is a good thing by me. Especially when it comes in the form of a cupcake out of an airstream trailer!

The festival promised to showcase the best of Indy’s curbside vendors including, Mabel On The Move, Fat Sammies Ciao Wagon, and more! In addition to the food, there was a local dj and Hotfox. And to wash down all the delicious food, you had your choice of brews from MillerCoors or if you’re feeling uber rich, $4 bottles of water. Gut punch..NOW!

The first truck in the line up was Scout’s, a cupcakery and popcornery on wheels! One of the owners said that the maple bacon cupcake was the most popular…but I still went for the vegan chai, and it did not disappoint!

Next..the classic looking airstream, complete with red and white polka doted flags, and the ladies inside all wearing matching aprons! Too cute!

Mabel On The Move had Mabel in there whipping up berry cobblers and organic ice cream from Trader’s Point. Unfortunately they were out of the ice cream scoops and I opted for the ice cream sandwich…and since it was Anna’s treat, aka Phierogi!! Perfect for a 95* evening!

Anna did go with the homemade berry cobbler, still warm and still amazing on a hot night, while Jessie ate the grass fed hot dog…no surprise there.

So here was the truck line up:

Mabel on the Move

Fat Sammies Ciao Wagon

Byrnes Grilled Pizza

Edwards Dashboard Diner

New York Slice


Scout’s Treat Truck

Some of this Some of that

Slider Station

Summer Song / Goody Wagon

Perfect way to end the week!

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