Homemade Dog Bed

A Ch’en bed is always a good thing to have and he was just so excited when I told him that he would no longer have to sleep on that hot mess of a bed any more, and that he was going to be getting a big boy bed! I have been looking at doggie beds for awhile now, and have fallen in love with a nautical one from Bad Ass Petz

However, spending $300 on a dog bed seems a bit excessive. I just thought that I needed to break down and learn how to make one.

I know these are super easy to do, but I am pretty much just lazy when it comes to organizing my craft experiments. Luckily, I work with a mini-Martha Stewart so Kristen was able to help me figure it out…and provide the fabric! She had several yards of black and white striped fabric that I could use. Very Tim Burton-esq.

For the Ch’en bed:

First: I got two standard pillows and then sewed them together length wise.

Then I measured out on the fabric the size that the top of the bed would be. For me, it was about 24” by 40”

Next: I measured out another piece the same width, but added a few extra inches length wise so I could make the back be like a pillow sham, open and easily accessible to take out the pillows to wash.

Then: I cut the longer piece in half. Measured and inch in and ironed the, what will be, the hem.

Afterwards, I laid the two smaller pieces on top of the top piece of fabric, outside fabric facing in and then started to sew away!

Last: Flipped that bad boy inside out and shoved the sewn pillows in and voila!!

A perfect little Ch’en bed.

He’s all ready to watch some Edward Scissorhands now!


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