Chalkboard Frames

Happy hump day everyone!

Last night was our second, newly founded “Crafts Night” over at Abs’ house. Last time we decorated shoes (see the Ch’en Ch’en nautical shoes from before) and this night was going to be making chalkboard frames.

Those girls are so clever!

We were all to go out and pick up used frames from the Goodwill so that we could bring them back and paint them up.

Since I was already heading over to Hobby Lobby with Kristen, we took a gander at the frames that they had..not having any luck, she had the brilliant idea of just creating my own frame from scratch.

We picked up a cheap little wood frame that didn’t have any glass in it, a few wooden medallions and an “S” and a “B”. Urnie thought they were for “Susie BooBoo” which I think they now should be.

Ok, now the fun part!

Kristen took the two medallions and used wood glue to place them on the corners of the frame. Next, she spray painted it with black lacquer paint and let it dry.

While it was drying, I was painting the “s” and the “b” a nice chartreuse color.

Once all the pieces were dry, the letters were glued to the frame.

Time for the fun paint!

Once over at Absola’s, all of the girls had their frames and were ready to start painting theirs. There was a lot of creative genius going on here. Priority number one though: food!

Abs whipping up some pita pocket pizzas with vegan pesto and fun toppings!

Once the pizzas were in the oven, we started in on the frames. First up on the back of the “chalkboard” piece was the magnetic paint, Urnie got magnetic paint!! Yeah!!

There was a hell of a lot of shaking and stirring going on with this can, it was so gumpy and gooey, but after everyone took a turn mixing it finally rolled out.

Two coats and dry to the touch, it was time to paint it with chalkboard paint.

Two coats and dry to the touch later, time for writing on it!!

Wonderful day with wonderful ladies!!


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