Sunny Side Up

Smoothies have now become my favorite breakfast meal. I keep adding various things to them, trying to make them more and more “healthy”. This morning it was blueberries, mango, banana, wheat grass, spinach and almond milk. I was a little skeptical with adding a cup of raw spinach, but I couldn’t taste it one bit! It was delicious!!

Last night Brandon and I went out for a run, and since it had been a little bit of a stressful week, I wanted to go a bit further than normal. One of my favorite things is just to be out on the trail, whether it is walking or running or just sitting eating ice cream. We went about six miles, having to walk the last .75 miles of it.

So nice to just get out and enjoy the outdoors and be surrounded by other runners and bikers enjoying the weather cool down.

It’s always nice just to be out in nature and catching up on what are future plans are going to be, our goals, and all of our own little philosophies. Trying to figure out what other activities I can do on my off days to help with anxiety, I found this interesting little list of what activities to do to relieve what ailment you might be having.

For: Back pain Try: Yoga

For: High cholesterol Try: Qigong

For: Depression Try: Music therapy, qigong, yoga

For: Eating disorders Try: Meditation, yoga

For: Fertility Try: Visualization, yoga

For: Heart health Try: Deep breathing, qigong, yoga

For: Immunity Try: Breathing, chants, meditation, qigong

For: Insomnia Try: Acupuncture, visualization, yoga

For: Joint pain Try: Music therapy, qigong, yoga

For: Migraines Try: Acupuncture, yoga


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