Spare Change?

Today is customer appreciation day over at Jimmy John’s, so all of their subs are only $1…well not their specialty subs, but anything on the left hand side of the menu. Score! The no. 6 is of course my personal preference…and only option. Add some oil and vinegar and take out the mayonnaise and I am a happy girl.

Delicious #6: Sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, provolone, avocado, and mayonnaise.

The line at 10:45…still fifteen minutes before Jimmy John’s even opens!

So in order for all of the luxious girls to get their subs, we needed to pitch in and and scourer up some spare change so we could all be satisfied with full bellies. Some only had debt cards, some .47 cents, others loaded, but I was just overly ecstatic that I can be surrounded by such kind hearted ladies.

It just made me appreciate how when people come together we can make things happen. I know that this is such a trivial dollar? But when you think about how it is usually the little things that make people feel happy and just plain good, those are the things that matter. So like when the husband comes home with your favorite drink from Starbucks, or your best friend surprises you with dinner. Those are the things you remember.


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