The Sea is the Life for Me!

The sea is the life for me! “Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever.” If you have read..or at least listened to Moby Dick on tape. You must. It is actually a quite funny tale. Not something I would think of when I think of by Melville.

My future home in Salem.

I am in love with…nautical things. Whether it’s on a necklace, shoes, or bedding…never have too many things that remind me of the sea! I think it all started with my trip out to Providence last October with Susan. She decided that that was the place for her, and so she bought a house and needed help moving. IM AVAILABLE!After our 16+ hour car ride, we got into Rhode Island around 1am, so I couldn’t quite judge the city, but with all the houses lined up that were dating back to as far as the 1700’s…I kind of figured that this would be a pretty cool town.

Outside RISD on the river.

Typical street view.
The next morning with just roamed the city, drinking coffee with our scarves and oversized sunglasses. Awesome. So yeah, the whole east coast vibe was so fun that I just wanted to stay forever.


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