Summertime love at IMA

It seems to be such a summertime classic. Movies. Outdoors. Good food. Good friends. Pretty fantastic. Over at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, every Friday they will play movies in their outdoor little amphitheater-like set up. Before we’ve seen Hitchcock films and Ghostbusters, but last Friday it was Labyrinth. Muppets on crack and David Bowie in stretchy pants… I have learned that when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

I would hope so, since we are sitting on the ground…

We hadn’t been on our run for the day, so we had to high-tail it out of work, get in our miles, shower, grab some snacky snacks, and head downtown. We met Erin and her crew, who were so well prepared! Oh my goodness I think she is an expert on things of this nature! Strawberries, cherries, tacos to put together yourself, chips, wine, homemade brownies, cookies..etc. She’s my new idol. Oh andI saw she baked like three dozen cupcakes and had in frosted in under three hours?!

Urnie’s Feast!

The best round of Apples to Apples ever played.

I had never seen Labyrinth before and neither had Brandon, I was a little intimidated by it to say the least. Thank you mom and dad for not subjecting me to this when I was two. And I felt that the goblin king was a bit of a creeper. Come on, she’s only like 13! You can’t be trying to lure her into your evil web of deceit so soon! I did like that they kept calling Hoggle, “Hogwart”…

They are playing The Shining in October, so that will definitely be a must! Perfect fall time/Halloween time movie. Will have to bring some cider, pumpkin soy lattes, and caramel corn for that.


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