It’s the little things

As you might have noticed, I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things and start running. I was blasted with a bit of anxiety lately and I felt the best solution was to get out of my rut of being from inside at work to inside at home to inside at wherever we might go at night or on my days off. Running has always been my little escape, an instant high, and that kick that made me feel kinda unstoppable. This time last year I would go out on 13-15 mile runs and do it out of the sheer fun of it, now I’m back to huffing out four miles. Brandon has been with me though, so it’s always fun to have a partner!

This is what I stopped me the other day while I was out, a little mothers day outing!

After the morning run, I need some smoothie restocking.

While I’m on the topic of the little things, I recently discovered Pillow Talk, no, not the 1959 Doris Day movie, but a cute little boutique with couture lingerie, sleepwear, organic skin care and other fun goodies. Susan gave me a Groupon for it, so I figured what the hey.. I’ll check it out. While falling in love with all the Betsy Johnson items, I fell madly in love with a new scent, Ambre Blends. There are four products, all all-natural essences. They are made by hand with 100% pure ingredients and are worn by both women and men. Essential amber oil has been used for centuries for its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. Once activated by the body’s warmth, produces a unique, long lasting, individual fragrance that exquisitely compliments one’s own natural chemistry. Ambre Blends selects only the finest, organic ingredients to soothe your mind and protect your well-being, plus you’ll feel better about it since it is an all vegan line that is made here locally! Love to support the locals!

One last thing I am in love with…nautical things. Whether it’s on a necklace, shoes, or bedding…never have too many things that remind me of the sea! I’ll have to touch on that next time!

My design board for what I think are the fall trends!

Time for dinner now and to watch Samantha Brown in Paris (how I miss you!). Baked tofu with a little olive oil, roasted broccoli atop some quinoa. Deee-lish!


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