Tempeh Tempeh Tempeh!

In California there is a fabulous little market and cafe called Follow Your Heart. If you have ever had Vegenaise, then you know how great this place is. The Follow Your Heart cafe is “one of southern California’s oldest, and best loved, natural food, vegetarian eateries.” Out in Canoga Park, this little place has a casual atmosphere with wooden floors, organic food lining the walls, so many fun vegan food items one could spends days looking at all that they had. Since the ’70’s, Follow Your Heart has been making eggless mayonnaise for all the hippies at heart and I could just eat it by the spoonfuls. I know I am not alone in this statement!

My beloved Vegenaise jar.

Inside Follow Your Heart.

(Photo from Follow Your Heart)

There are a couple of different types, but the one I opt for is carrying ingredients of: organic expeller-pressed soy oil, filtered water, organic brown rice syrup, organic apple cider vinegar, organic soy protein, sea salt, organic mustard, organic lemon juice concentrate. All things you can feel good about…or at least better about when you’re dipping bread slices in it.

Mr. Big and some tempeh strips.

After being tempted with evil foods all day, I really wanted a BLT like sandwich. Over at Whole Foods they have scrumptious maple “bacon” tempeh strips. Grill those up in the skillet with a little olive oil, slice up some tomatoes, bib lettuce, lather on the Vegenaise and you are set! Now time for No Country for Old Men.


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