Indiana State Fair

As I am sure you know, there was an incredibly sad freak accident that happened at the Indiana State Fair last Saturday night. The stage that was set for Sugarland to perform was caught up in a gust of wind and completely collapsed, killing five fair-goers and injuring dozens more. My mind can’t even wrap around the thought of going to the fair for a fun little outing and then having your whole world turned upside down in an instant. My thoughts go out to all of those who were effected by this tragic incident.

(photo: Matt Kryger,

On a little bit lighter note, we did decide to head over to the fair and check it out. I had not been in years, and I thought that there was some good artery clogging foods that I needed to try. Brandon and I headed down to meet up with Absola, Erin and their friend Michael. It could not have been better weather for the fair.

First up, WIENER RACING DOGS! Yes, you read that correctly. They had a race, of baby wiener dogs around a little tented track. I have never heard of such cuteness before! Now they just need one for baby pugs, and I would have seen it all!

It was the year of the soybean..hence the “beans” on top

Lemon Shake-Ups were needed as we strolled around the horses being groomed, the baby piglets hogging lots of food (while their mother would keep moving the food troth away from them for herself!!) and then off to the “Lumberjack Show”. Brandon needs to be a part of this in the future. There was an actual Lumberjack competition that was being held. Dudes throwing axes? What’s cooler than that? The contests involved who could saw logs the quickest, scurry up a tree the fastest, stay on a rolling log in the water the longest, and other lumberjacky stuff. Loved it! Oh and one of the contestants was on a lumberjack “team” at his college. I should have gone to one of those schools!

Abby and her new tractor

Erin and me. Sad pig.

Then off to see the world famous Peking Acrobats! I had not heard of them, but it was a must on Abs’ list of things to see at the fair. This group is extraordinary! Lots of balancing acts, juggling, synchronized drum tossing. It was all quite impressive.


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