Sweet Treats for the Tree!

So Amanda over at Bake it Pretty had the best little holiday how-to over making Christmas ornaments. I just thought it was too cute to pass up, and figured I would share on this awesome Christmas Eve!

Supply Goodness:

Styrofoam Balls: 2.5″ size
Heavy-Duty foil cupcake liners
Artificial Snowflakes
Artificial floral berry sprigs
Ribbon if you want it to be an ornament
Wooden skewers, chop-stix work nicely
Elmer’s Glue
Foam brush
Hot Glue

What to do:

Stick one Styrofoam ball onto a chop-stick for easy handling. Use a foam brush to paint the upper 2/3 of the ball with a good coating of white craft glue.

Roll the ball into the pretty shiny stuff and gently press to cover the ball nicely. It should look like a frosty, snowball.

Place the stick and ball into a mug and allow to dry completely. It sucks waiting for them to dry, but they do look so nice on your desk that you forget that 2 hours have just flown by and you’re still staring…or maybe that is just me.

When your cupcake’s top is dry, remove the wooden skewers and you are ready to glue them into their liners. Hot glue works the best..stupid Elemer’s… Run a circle of glue around the top inside of the liner and place your cupcake ball inside, frosty side up. Cup your hands and press gently around the edges to glue the liner on snugly. Do not push the ball down too far or the bottom will curve and your cupcake will not sit flat, (this is not really a big deal if you’re planning on hanging them.)

Now, for the cherry. Cut one floral berry from the bunch, leaving about 1″ or less of wire stem. Add a small dot of hot glue to the top center of your cupcake. If you are planning to hang your ornament, set a small loop of ribbon or twine into the glue first, then press your cherry firmly on top. You can push the wire right into the Styrofoam ball, or flip it around to make a cherry “stem.” Both styles are super cute!

For a little extra touch, I cut out ribbons and placed people’s names on them to make them more individualized (Sorry, Brad yours looked like a sad Buffy “B”) And voila! An amazingly super easy way to make personal little gifts all those special someones on your Christmas shopping list. Our tree is already decorated with these, of course only after Jazz Hands made some her own and buried them…jerk face.

Hopefully you guys like em! They are quite addicting to make, and thanks again to Amanda’s site. One must check it out!

Bake it Pretty.


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