GiGi’s Headed North

Okay, so this little bakery has been in town since this summer, but hey, it is better late than never to talk about this sweet shop!

I first learned about it when I saw that there was a posting for “cupcake bakers needed” for a new bakery near the Fashion Mall. I was all about that! Even though I do not have any real baking skills, I still applied and they did give me the time of day! The owners are two couples that are here in town and just thought it would be an awesome little adventure to embark on. I am not sure if they knew what they were really getting in to, but so far their shop and offerings are superb. I first headed over there when they had their grand opening last summer. Figured I would grab a few delicatessens and bring them back to have some of my co-workers try them out. I ended up getting a Miss Princess (for the sweetest girl in the office), a white cake baked with strawberries and topped with a cream cheesy frosting, featuring pink sugar crystals and fondant crown! Any little girls dream!I also got the Lemon Dream Supreme, cause in the summer time, I am all about the citrus. Lemon cake with a lemon filling topped with lemon buttercream frosting and a candied lemon slice. It was also fantastico, however, I didn’t get a crown on mine.GiGi’s is always having some sort of event or give away it seems if you check them out on Facebook: GiGi’s

Just looking at their Fall/Winter Menu Lineup is making me dream at my desk! Listen to this, these are just today’s offering (remember they switch it up everyday:
Candied Sweet Potato
Hunka Chunka Banana Love
Midnight Magic
Top Hats
Peanut Butter Cup
Southern Comfort
Texas Milk Chocolate
Wedding Cake
White Chocolate Macadamia
White Midnight Magic

These things can be evil when one is on a diet. Also, always bring a friend with you to these things, cause unless you are planning to go into hibernation this year and you need to stock up, these babies are intense! but oh so good…


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