Karyn’s Cooked

The other “weekend”, Meh and I decided that it was time to head back up to Chicago for some high quality shopping, and some good vegan treats.

We took the train in so there were some limitations as to how far we could go around and how long we could stay around.
Seeing all the nice sights downtown, hitting up the Argo Tea, being greedy over a nice LeSport Sac, and getting pampered at Lush, it was time for some refueling.

At 738 N. Wells Street is this wonderful little gem of a place called Karyn’s Cooked. The owner, Karyn, has a couple of little businesses lined up, so you might see her name around town. She also has a Raw Cafe, and a beauty line out. However, this restaurant has all the wonderfulness of a good home cooked meal.

Whether you are looking for Sloppy Joes or Meatloaf, this place has it.

To start out the meal we ordered an appetizer of Thai Skewers: at 4 bucks you get a nice plate of grilled tofu/seitan meat with choice of peanut or barbecue sauce. The peanut sauce is by far the best! About a minute later we were ready for the main act.

I opted for the Jerk Wrap (you gotta love the name..) It’s Jerk Tofu (available on whole wheat roll or tomato tortilla) Spicy grilled tofu with a creamy garlic and jerk sauce topped with lettuce and tomato on a toasted whole wheat bunwhich. The wrap came with two huge potato wedges in barbecue sauce, and a side of vegan coleslaw. Holy crap though! Beware that this will make your mouth bleed fire! I am all about sweating while eating hot goodness, but this was ridiculous! I wasn’t able to finish it while I was there, and in between every bite I would have to down some water and eat some slaw (which didn’t have much flavor) to counteract the burning in my throat.

I have had this sandwich before and thought it was awesome, never has it tasted like this. I am just wondering if someone didn’t twist on the top of the cayenne pepper well enough before using.

Meh’s was a little more manageable. She went for Ron’s Salad. It was a huge serving of mixed greens with grilled tofu, avocado, carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, olives and hemp seeds. House Dressing on the side. When she ordered it, the waiter let us know that Ron was sitting outside eating his salad, which was kinda neat since when we were walking in she saw this man eating an amazing looking salad and that’s why she ordered it.

To keep us happy on the train, we decided to take some dessert with us. The most non-utensil friendly thing in the case were huge cookies the size of one’s head. One peanut butter, and one chocolate chip please. The cookies went wonderfully with our Pike’s Place Roast from Starbucks. Chocolate can always be a good pairing with anything though..


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