Joie de vivre & La Mie Emilie

In our effort to try to be a little bit more “green” whenever I am not at work, we always try to not drive and just walk around the ‘hood and kind of seek out new places that we have not been too.

Last week in out little walk around, we decided that we would head over to the Carmel Arts and Design district to check out this little French restaurant that we keep walking past. So since I love ALL things French (come I have em branded on me!) I was very happy to be able to have a nice brunch with the love of my life on such a perfect day.

La Mie Emilie is at 15 W. Main Street, and it’s not a very large store front, so it is quite easy to over just might run into their tables and chairs though that are sitting outside (Ch’en owns those too). Sorry!

For being an all French cafe, I was a little worried that there would not be too many veg friendly options, but there were! I was pleasantly surprised, that most things could be made easily with out meat, or they already had a sister item to the entree. For example, they of course had a Croque Monsieur, which is a French style grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and then they had the Croque Provencal, which was with sauteed onions, tomatoes, and Gruyeres cheese, it normally comes with an easy over egg on top, but I opted out of that. This sandwich was amazing! It was two very freshly made bread slices that were both grilled with butter and melted cheese on top, and then had warm sauteed onions over thin slices of fresh tomato, all with a side of seasonal fruit. They served it in a normal portion, so it was not some big Americanized plate that you eat on for days, but it still took myself, and Brandon to finish the dish.

As for B’s choice of breakfast, his was much more of a dessert. Even though it was on the Brunch menu, it was still something that I would only think about eating after a dinner. The Pain Trouvéau Four (Baked French Toast) was served with raspberry coulis sauce and then topped with roasted almonds and whipped cream. It was a petite little plate of one piece of baked toast, but all covered with a warm sweet raspberry puree and syrup, and then a homemade whipped cream. It was heavenly. Very very sweet though, so it could be a wake up shock if that is the first thing that you are eating in the morning.

While we were eating our breakfast we were able to be next to the future cast of The Real Housewives of Carmel. I always thought that reality television were scripted, especially from what I heard about E!, however, after sitting next to these sexagenarian brawds for an hour, I was reassured that there are crazy women at home, and they are even loonier when brought all together out of their Carmel houses.

All-in-all it was a definite 5 stars for such an abnormality hidden in Carmel.


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