Holy Cow Batman!

For someone that is in love with cupcakes, it is some what surprising that I have been living right next to a cupcake shop for months, and am just now getting around to checking this place out. It always helps to bring others along, so that one does not look like such a lonely and sad soul buying a cupcake to eat in solitude. Therefore, I had to wait until I had others to join in on the sugar fun.

Holy Cow Cupcakes, over in the Arts and Design District in Carmel, is an uber small shop that can be easily overlooked, since it is part of the same building that a gas station is in. I think that this is also part of the reason why I waited so long to visit the bakery (really? a gas station?). Do not let the location fool you! The hours are a little strange for people who work, but it’s open Tuesday through Saturday 11-6.

All of the cupcakes are made with local and organic ingredients, so each batch is made from scratch and with love; meaning, when they are out, they are out. They make all of their cupcakes in babycake form too! So if you want to have them at a fancy schmancy party or just feel like poppin’ em like popcorn during the next episode of LOST (eeekk!!) you can do that too.

When I walked over with my nephews they had a limited selection to choose from, but still it was a good selection. It is a positive sign if two little boys can see something that they want and are happy with the amount of green sprinkles on top.

(I know they are super cute model boys, right? )

Arriving around noon it looked like they had been busy that morning already. Our selections were:
The Coriander: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting *available every day*
The Ryan: Traditional Red Velvet cake topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting **HCC!’s most popular flavor offered everyday*
Winter White: Almond cake with almond buttercream
Vanilla/Vanilla: Vanilla cake topped with vanilla frosting (usually topped with a seasonal sprinkle) *available every day*

They also had the Old School Cupcake, like a Hostess and of course that is what Caleb went for.
The frosting was perfect on these babies! It definitely tasted like a cream cheese type frosting and it wasn’t the over powering kind that kicks you in the back of the throat and makes you wanna die. Both of the boys devoured theirs on the walk back and were ready for more! The woman threw one in for me, even though I thought the boys would not finish all of theirs and I would be eating the remainders. Oh glory day! So happy that I had my own, since neither one of them would share (trust me, you wouldn’t have shared either!)

There are a few that weren’t there that day, but I am quite curious to try these little concoctions:

PB & J: peanut butter cake filled with strawberry jelly and topped with peanut butter frosting

Guinness: Dark chocolate Guinness cake topped Jameson Irish Whiskey ganache *March flavor-of-the-month*

Mint Julep: Lightly scented fresh mint cake with a a hint of Woodford Reserve Whiskey and a mint/whiskey frosting **available during the week of the Kentucky Derby**mmmmmmmmmmm…..
Their list goes on and on and each cupcake is named after someone special in the HCC family, kinda like Stila cosmetics, so that it a sweet little touch.
Who wants to meet for a Mint Julep one in May?


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