"Everybody Loves to Boogie!"

Come on admit it, if you could bust out into a move right now, you totally would. So do it! I am while eating some not too exciting popcorn..

Well, this place makes me want to bust a move every time I think about it. Last weekend my dad was in town from Austin and so I thought it would be fun to take him out to some neat little joint that neither one of us had been too. He is your typical Texan and likes meat products, the bigger the better (still haven’t figured out how I am his daughter…) Anyhoo, I went to the the wonderful site of Yelp and found that there was a little, and I mean LITTLE, place in Broad Ripple that had various veggie options!Woohoo!! Of course along with all of your typical burgers, Boogie Burger had two base veg options and then a crap ton of toppings to add to it. Everything from blue cheese and onion rings to peanut butter!Not too shabby for a store that is about 10 feet in width and 20 in length. The bases for the veg -friendly were either the:

Garden Burger $5.25
A HUGE Boca soy burger served w/ lettuce, tomato, mayo & red onion
Add cheese .60
Or for something different, try your Garden Burger ‘Shroom, Blue Moon, or Inferno style (extra $)
Chipotle Black Bean Burger $5.25
A flavorful blend of black beans, onions, green chilies, peppers & brown rice topped with all fixings

The awesomeness that is the Black Bean Burger

For being a Boogie Virgin I thought it would be best to go with the Black Bean since they make the patty there. I had that with all of the fixins, and an order of fries to go with it. They only have one size and it is ginormous! Even with two people chowin down on em we still couldn’t finish the plate. The black bean was amazing! It was a huge patty with toppings that were not too over bearing, just the right amount of the goods. Also, not only was the food super fast and fresh, but even the people working there were really nice!A rarity these days. This places was so good and cheap that we went again three days later! Luckily this time Ch’en was with us and so it was no problem finishing everything…oh and did I mention that have Smoothies??

( two photos of the store are from Boogie Burger’s Facebook page, yep they got that too)


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