"We Milk It. We Make It. We Serve It."

And so that is the motto for the Traders Point Creamery.

For the past several years, whenever I go to Whole Foods, I would see the giant glass bottles of this Traders Point yogurt and milk. I knew that it was a local company over in Zionsville, but other than taking a sip of a mango flavored yogurt of theirs years ago, I had never really paid much attention to it. That is until I started working with another foodie. There is a girl here that is into all the organic goodies that this planet has to offer…always going to various farmers markets and trying to be a local shopper. So when I heard her talking about this place and how amazing it was I thought that I should also check it out. Luckily, another girl kinda took the first step and took her teenage daughters with her to see if it was deemed “cool”. And you know that when teenage girls are actually interested in something like that, then it must be.

The other week I had my nephews over and I knew that I would have a day ahead of me and better plan it properly. So I thought that it would be a pretty neat thing to take them to this place and kind of “steer” them in the right direction as to why one wouldn’t eat these awesome little animals..(didn’t work). They only wanted to make “Log Scene” films…King Kong..look it up. However, B and I did find the place to be quite a charming little place. The reason why it is voted #1 by the American Cheese Society (hehehe):

“The farm team nurtures the land through careful implementation of the rotation farming system that is a common practice in other parts of the world. The result is exceptionally fertile, well-nourished soil wherein grows a precisely selected blend of grasses, herbs and flowers. This keeps the herd outdoors, happy, healthy, and producing organic, grass-fed milk high in the proteins and naturally occurring healthy fats like Omega 3, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and nutrients necessary to make top quality, delicious and healthful products. The farm team here ensure year-round, outstanding nutrition for the herd, which makes us the only Creamery in the country to provide 100% grass-fed whole milk in a bottle – along with all the outstanding health benefits that are unique to grass-fed milk.”

It had lots of various guides that you could go on and walking tours. You were able to see the cows being milked and then frolic up to the top of the hill and prance around. Truly, they seemed to be dances up on the hill! I have never seen cows so lively before, it was really strange and amazing! Also, all of the chickens and hens were just out and about seeing what all was going on. They didn’t seem scared or intimidated by anything or anyone that was going on around them. also a neat thing.

When we were heading out we went the Loft which is the restaurant and also holds their Dairy Bar. I thought it would be kind of a cool experience to test out the all grass-fed dairy from the cows…considering you can see everything that goes on into making these drinks I felt it would be an okay thing to do (as oppose to buying some Deans milk with god knows that in that white “beverage”)

I got the boys a blueberry and strawberry vanilla smoothie. All made with fresh fruit and newly processed yogurt. Brandon and I got the mango, banana, berry and strawberry one (I like variety). It was a very unique flavor, granted I am not use to drinking milky products, but you could totally tell that the cows were all grass fed. It was a definite earthy tasty (going back to my Starbucks terminology). I can not wait to go back and try some of their other products, like a vegetable medley platter and grilled cheese, maybe next time though I won’t bring anyone under 18.

(all photos from tpcreamery website, except the last)


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