Chicago = Happiness

So I know that this was a few weeks ago, but I really felt like I needed to talk about the awesomeness that is the Chicago Auto Show. Last month, Chicago held its annual car show at McCormick Place, and for those of you who like cars, this is the place to go. It’s been going on since 1901, and is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. So we know that THEY know what they are doing. I always have fun going and imagining that I have a crap ton of money to spend on a vehicle-sitting in the Mercedes, snappin’ photos in the MINI’s and doing karaoke in the VW’s, okay, so I didn’t do the car karaoke, but it was an option.

My latest obsession has been getting a baby Benz. I really want a C230 Kompressor Coupe, but since they were only made for a few years, it is hard to find them with low miles and in decent condition. Anyhoo, we went up with Justin and B’s brother and just made a full day of it. The concept cars and debut cars at the best, and Mercedes knew how to make people impressed. They had on display the 2011 SLS AMG, which had old features from the 50’s, including the Gullwing side doors.
(photo from:

The top displays were of course, Mercedes, Scion (they are always the coolest, and know how to attract the younger crown), Jeep, with their off road track that people can “test” drive the vehicles on, MINI Cooper with the Mayfair, and Volkswagen.
Can I just have one of every color please? Thank you.
Well, since we were in Chicago we also had to stop by the Diner. Heaven on a plate, like always. Seriously, I would be happy just eating the dumpster food they have. That’s right, I said I would eat their trash. It’s THAT good.
Michael had never been to the Windy City, so we did an uber quick tour of Billy’s stomping ground. Navy Pier, Art Institute, Magnificent Mile, Old Playboy Mansion, Wrigley Field, Halsted…, and a little Gold Coast.


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