Red Food Coloring Shortage Time

Ya! it is almost Valentines day, the one day in the year when you can show that special someone just how much you really love them by getting them nice artery clogging chocolates, heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy’s (if you eat it standing up, there aren’t any calories), and of course, the wonderful heart shaped doughnuts from Krispy Kremes (“do these pants come in a larger size?”). Oh how I love it all, I love the themy-ness of these foods, taking forms of little hearts.

So who is going to do it the best? The bakers, that’s who. The Cupcake Aficionados that make each tasty treat a treasure and keepsake all in its own.

While looking at the ample supple of food porn, I always go to the Bleeding Heart’s page since they have some of the most bad ass decorators on the floor, and Valentines day they are not holding back. So whenever you get a chance, head over to or see em on flickr.

Or how cute is this idea..over at Sprinkles the first 25 people to whisper “Cupid” at each Sprinkles will get a free dark chocolate cupcake! and then the day before that the first 50 people to whisper “secret admirer” received a free red velvet!Don’t think they forgot about the more strict diet people either..they are now offering vegan and gluten-free red velvet cupcakes! Which let’s face it, if they are good enough for these girls, I will certainly be spending my cash here.(photos from


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