A Beetlejuice Bride

That’s right people. I got to play the wonderful role of a bride last Tuesday and marry my best friend ever! Everything was pretty last minute. We knew that we were going to get married, and were originally planning on doing it on Halloween of this year, but with wanting to make sure that certain people would be able to attend, we decided last Saturday night that we would plan for it on Tuesday, uh huh, a full two days in advance. What was I going to do with all this extra time that I had on planning a wedding? Luckily, I have some of the most amazing friends in the world, and so I had major help. Saturday night, right before Helzberg closed, I was able to go and explain to them that we needed some rings ASAP and to hook a girl up. Brandon picked up his ring the following morning, and since he has uber small fingers, his ring is about 3 sizes to large, so we’re still waiting on his real ring to arrive. Monday morning, before work, we went to go get a license at the courthouse. Then I had to go prepare and present to my first big clients at work, which lasted well after the time I was suppose to get off. After, I went home and told my mom and Anna, that, “hey, think tomorrow at three o’clock would work for you?” Luckily they were able to get out of work and make that sacrifice for us! Absola, being the super woman that she is, and never sleeping, spent the day constructing flowers for my bouquet, corsages for mine and Brandon’s mom, and Ch’en, along with a beautiful center piece and flowers for the gents. Marie Antoinettes favorite flowers inspired all of the arrangements, since she knew that I loved the queen of fashion! Yeah, but she didn’t stop there, she also pulled out, from who knows where, dozens of our favorite vegan cupcakes, so German chocolate with toasted coconut for me, and some mint chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and little pink heart sprinkles individually placed on each one for Brandon. Just after midnight she stopped by with the loads of wedding goodies.

I knew the next day was going to be a doozy, so I made sure to get a full four hours of sleep . Grammy Hammy and Meh ventured down and met me so that I could look for a dress, shoes, and veil, a good three hours before the ceremony. We headed over to Nordstrom’s, where I found a nice little black dress with a big, bright red flower head band that had some cute little netting on top. Tim Burton would have been so proud, since it was all paired with some nice red little satin shoes and black lace.

Getting ready was about a thirty-minute process, and then I headed up to Brandon’s moms for the ceremony. Anna, Justin, Chris, and B’s family were all already there. Anna took plenty of photos for me and even brought a wedding cake from Taylor’s (drool). The little bride and groom on top were so cute! They are now proudly displayed on my refrigerator.

Everyone have his or her corsage on? Okay, let’s do this thing! Five minutes later (seriously, five minutes) our Kurt Cobain and Courtney vows were said and it was time for some a new kind of rush (I was shaking the whole time!), bring on the cupcakes!

The coconut cakes were gone in a second, along with most of the Taylor’s cake. People! Come on! Eat up! A new bride can’t be taking this stuff back to the house; my biggest fear is being a fat wife! Oh well, I guess he’s stuck with me now. Of course, Brandon is one of the sweetest guys any girl could ever meet. Even if I weighed five hundred pounds, he would still tell me I’m beautiful everyday. He’s a keeper.

A nice big reception, aka, cupcake party, will be in the future, so that way we can actually plan it and have all of our friends there. For now though, I am just happy to be a Beetlejuice Bride.


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