1.. 2…3 ! Sisters Cafe

Down in the heart of Broad Ripple lies an old Victorian house that has been renovated into a quaint little vegan restaurant. It seems more like it should be a B&B with it’s wrap around porch and bright colored paint job, yet who would have thunk it that it would hold such amazing delights.

I have ventured down to 3 Sisters Cafe a couple of times, always kind of waiting to be disappointed, since something in Indianapolis surely can not taste as good as other places like, oh I don’t know, The Chicago Diner, or Pure Luck, however, this little gem holds it’s own. Yesterday, my awesome friend Absola (yeah it’s Abby, but come on, for her personality you need a more “unique” name) met me for some late afternoon eating at the Cafe where we decided it was necessary to split a few things. Both of us trying to branch out and try new items on the menu, Abs got the Portobello Sandwich and I ordered the Three Way Salad.

The Portobello isn’t like any normal mushroom sandwich. They had taken several kinds of mushrooms, mainly portobello, and pureed them with bread crumbs and some tasty herbs and spices. Then they grilled the nice little patties and placed it on a big ol’ wheat bun with the standard lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. As a side she had the red skinned potato salad.
Yeah, I was taking half of that thank you.

When my nice little innocent salad came out, I was greeted by a plate that was about half the size of the table! The thing was seriously huge. Trust me though, I was not complaining. The nice assortment of greens was topped with warm grilled pineapple, and not that canned crap. Grilled tofu, sliced and grilled almonds with avocados and edamame. Honey lime vinaigrette was the dressing of choice. Abs partook in that adventure as well. Considering we were not able to finish our meals, one could easily state that we were well served. The food was amazing, service is usually pretty friendly and on top of things, however, yesterday I think was a bit of a crap day for our waitress.

After having some amazing food with superior company, Abs and I walked on down to the Girly Chic Boutique. If you have not been into this shop, you MUST go.. not only for the clothing, but for the style of the store. The shop owner was completely inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Pretty much a funfetti cupcake threw up and created a second version of Eden. The place has the feel of a vintage rescue squad going in and decorating the place with random objects of yesteryear and creating a really welcoming and fun enviornment. All of this eye-candy can make two girls very thirsty.
Monon Coffee Shop it was.

Once done meandering thru the rows of tulle and hand crocheted flower hats and shirts, we picked up some black board special vanilla soy spiced lattes. The nice thing about the Monon Coffee Shop is that, unlike some over abundant coffee stores, these drinks are actually still made with hand-poured and timed shots, so the flavor is a lot more delectable than that of, oh say, Starbucks.

So kiddies, the moral of the story is: go to 3 Sisters AFTER buying some nice tulle skirts from Girly Chic (we still want to feel good about ourselves while we’re in the dressing room), and then head over to the Monon to pick up some truly “hand-crafted” specialty drinks.


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