Another Chicago Classic: The Bleeding Heart Bakery

While reading through various cupcake blogs, like Bake and Destroy, Cupcakes Take the Cake, and Cake Spy, all of these awesome writers, seemed to have the same conclusion when they wrote about this little bakery on the west side of Chicago. The Bleeding Heart Bakery is “by far the best bakery in Chicago!”, “A gem to find on an accident! Absolutely one of the best! “and “Michelle is a sugar wizard!”, or so claim fellow Yelpers online. With over 300 people willing to go online and take the time to write in their two cents, that bakery must have made some kind of impact on them!

For people with any kind of concern for what they put in their bodies, yet still have that strong sweet tooth, this place is for you. “Local, Sustainable-Punk Rock Pastry!” is the description that Michelle and Velentin Garcia so appropriately came up with for their store. With a love of punk rock and all things organic, they use all organic, local, and sustainable ingredients to create these classic pastries. Though all the items are not completely vegan, they do make many allergy friendly and dietary friendly options.

So what better way to celebrate anniversaries and Halloween, than to visit a place that Sid and Nancy would call “home”? After eating at the Chicago Diner, Brandon and I thought we needed some dessert, so we walked over to The Bleeding Heart to try some of their fall specialty cupcakes. The shop was pretty amazing looking on the outside. All neon green and hot pink, with various colored font, highlighting this “organic bakery”. Stepping inside, I knew I had found home. The tables were all shaped like funky artsy style cupcakes, there were proudly displayed cakes from various pasts, and even chocolates shaped like baby guns, how sweet, right? The girl behind the counter quickly and GENUINELY greeted us, a rarity I feel. I asked if I was allowed to take photos, trying to avoid situations like ones before, and she said that I could. So I started snapping. After a few photos though, Michelle came out and said I couldn’t take any. Oh well.
How was a girl to decide on what to get when there were so many options that all looked like something I would be willing to die for? I went with the pumpkin and chocolate ganache cupcake, along with a brown sugar frosting and maple cupcake. The pumpkin one came with a nice little plastic black rat on top. I think that is what lured me in.
Both cupcakes were good, they definitely were not the best though. I think the only thing that was really good was the brown sugar frosting on the one. For the most part, I think the idea and the store itself were amazing. Maybe I just came on a bad day and they were sitting out for too long, since they seemed rather dry. However, that is definitely not going to stop me from trying others in the future!


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