Here’s Johnny!

Last winter, Brandon and I went to Boston to visit one of the coolest girls ever. While we were there, we let Raina know that our mission was to seek out one: totally rad vegan joints, and two: breath taking cupcake bakeries. She gladly obliged.
On our second day in Boston, we went down to Newbury Street in search of some Betsy Johnson and Marc Jacobs. Feeling poor and overwhelmed, we knew that it was time for a cupcake break and that there was this “Johnny’s Cupcake” not too far from where we were.

The website looked cool, so they must have unique little cakes in there, right? However, I didn’t really look at the website too intensely. Fat free? Sugar Free? Cholesterol Free? How did they do that?? Easy. They only make T-Shirts and buttons. No baking going on here, only some shirts still hot from the “oven”.

Brandon was a little disappointed, mainly because he was thinking that this was going to be the place where he buys a cupcake and places my ring on top. Awesome fiance right?! Unfortunately that moment had to be postponed till later that day.

Buttons and stickers that had fun colored cupcakes and cross-bones on them? I knew this was going to be a new brand that I would wear proudly. I was so excited that I did invest in a couple little trinkets to take home and show off.

Now, moving out to LA, I was so happy to see that they had made another home for Johnny out on Melrose.
Inside this little gem had a wall that was lined with retro colored “ovens” that would randomly open and close letting a little steam out. Towards the back of the store, where the staff room would be was a ginormous oven, who’s doors would open for the staff members to go back to the back. Can they install these in residential projects?

I knew I wanted a shirt that was unique to that location so I found a black shirt that had an old styled oven on the front with “CA” and “LA” printed on the design as well.
Could a tattoo of this cute little icon label be in the works? I would not be surprised.


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