What Happens When a Child Names a Store?

Your cupcake shop will be called “Yummy”. Not that that is such a bad name, it is just well, a name a 5 year old boy would name a cupcake shop if he could, and he did. When owners, Tiffini Soforenko, Brogan Faye and Nik Soforenko decided to open a little store in Burbank they certainly were on the right track to making people happy everyday. For a year they baked only for special events, yet they had so many clients asking if there was an “everyday” location to go to. So they opened Yummy Cupcakes’ first retail store on Magnolia in Burbank, California.

Now it is not always a good thing when there is a delicious little cupcake shop on walking distance from the apartment. Since it was a 5 mile trek round trip, I figured two cupcakes per person would be well deserved. Brandon and I headed up towards the northern part of the valley one afternoon and I was instantly greeted by bright pink “curtains”with a big cupcake sign, a baker in the window making the little morsels, and lots and lots of cupcakes paraphernalia.

Yummy’s offers various vegan options, they now have 43 flavor combinations on the vegan Full Menu. Everything from offering Red Velvet vegan cupcakes to Arnold Palmer’s (yes a cupcake version, not the beverage) every Monday and Friday. Vegan cupcakes are available in two sizes…Classic & Mini, so I was delighted in trying the Chocolate / Chocolate: Chocolate cupcake topped with vegan chocolate buttercream, Monkey Love: Chocolate cupcake frosted with a fresh vegan banana buttercream with walnuts folded in, and Banana Cream Pie : Banana cupcake centered with fresh banana puree, topped with a whipped cream frosting, sprinkled with
graham cracker crumbs.

Eating a pound of sugar while walking in 85 degree heat is not the smartest thing to do, but it was well worth the momentary breakdown.
There were always phone orders coming in and people walking out with dozens of little cakes, so I am not in fear of this company going out of business any time soon, and I definitely was a frequent consumer of these yummy little cupcakes.


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