Not Just for the Birds

Looking for a nice little vegan goody here in LA is not too hard to do with such an abundance of forward thinking bakeries and shops. Finding one that won’t leave you stuck in a 2 hour traffic mess is a different story. Luckily for me I learned about a little cake shop down in Silver Lake that had vegan cupcakes everyday of the week.

What use to be an old upholstery shop is now Lark Cake Shop, a cute and very welcoming store front. The shop looks like a vintage furniture store meets a happy little tea cozy. All of the sofas and chairs were mismatching and reminded me of something I would see at a long lost aunts house. The cookie jars were clear glass and over sized to display the plate sized cookies. Each perfectly labeled with an old typewriter font. The cupcakes were displayed in their own case with hand written labels for each perfectly crafted dessert. The cakes were all artistically designed, yet simple and appealing.

Lark carries two types of vegan cupcakes, Vegan Chocolate Orange Cupcake: Vanilla vegan yellow cake with orange pudding filing, topped with orange marmalade and chocolate ganache along with the winner of my heart that day, Boston Banana Vegan Cupcake: Banana cake filled with a slice of banana surrounded by vegan pastry cream topped with vegan white chocolate icing.
Since my heart will probably always be in Boston (yes, the grass is always greener, but I do really love a place with history and well read residents…) I opted for the Boston Banana. When it was served, I was given the delicate morsel on a little old antique plate. Another thing that is totally rad about this place is that they try to minimize their environmental footprint by using only compostable cups, boxes, utensils and straws. Extra points!

The little cake tasted like homemade banana bread, but with a softened, somewhat wet banana inside…I’ll leave it at that. The icing tasted like hardened white chocolate. All-in-all very tasty cake, but I could have lived with maybe a softer frosting.


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