Ch’en Ch’en, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more…

When looking for new places to go in a new city it can become a little daunting. What area is safe? What should I order when I get there? How much? How’s the traffic? Will my complexion look okay in the artificial lighting? You know, the normal worries about going to a new place. Well luckily for me, my friend Abby has a friend who was working out here and so we decided to meet up and go dig into some scrumptious brunch.

Sam (Ab’s friend) is a pretty cool cat. He’s been doing the whole LA thing for awhile now, and being mister outgoing, he knows his way around the city pretty well so I was leaving it up to him to decide on where to rendezvous. “Brunch at Auntie Em’s? They have some really good cupcakes there…” Yeah, sold. I wasn’t sure if he knew that cupcakes were my enthralling past time and that I have dedicated several hours to cupcake porn or if this place just had good cupcakes plain and simple. Either way I was excited.

After putting on my looser fitting pants, B and I headed over to Eagle Rock where this little joint resided. It seemed like a pretty fun area and an even awesomer interior, complete with plastic cherry motif table tops and handmade cake and cupcake stained glass pieces (yes, I did inquire about how I could get one of these made for me).

After ordering the ACS sandwich (Avocado, Cucumber, and Sprouts) I was ready for the goods. There were a couple of options to chose from, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting, Coconut with Cream Cheese Frosting and rolled in Coconut, Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting (Available in small, medium and large sizes). Now I know that to see if a cupcake joint is legit or not I should have opted for the red velvet, but I love trying the more rare little cakes. So the coconut one had a new home to go to tonight.

OH MY GOD! This was by far the best little morsel that I have ever eaten! Perfect cake to icing ratio. Wonderful coconutty taste all mixed into the white cake batter with some slightly sweetened cream cheese frosting. I am going back in the very near future.


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