Pure Luck…to Find Such Amazingness!

Living in LA, you have a lot of options when it comes to eating vegan. Typing into Google to see where to go, I’m able to find at least a couple dozen of places to open my wallet and expand my waistband. So where’s a girl to start?! Thankfully Yelp had a listing for Pure Luck, a tiny little, well, hole in the wall, down by the Los Angeles College.
Over 350 people wrote up reviews about how delicious this place was and the the jackfruit sandwiches were a must. 350 reviews? That’s impressive for a place that doesn’t even have it’s sign in it’s entirety still in place outside.
When I went down here, I was still pretty new to the city so I was a little skeptical about the neighborhood. However, shortly after stepping foot into this veggie joint, all doubt was faded. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming and it felt like we were just at someones lake house having a little get-together. Atmosphere can only get a place so far though, the real question is – how’s the food?! (sweetbeetandgreenbean)

Brandon took the leap and got the pulled jackfruit BBQ sandwich, BBQ Jackfruit “pulled-pork” with pickles, onions and vegan mayo on a rustic roll. To add to this deliciousness, we added some fresh made lemonade and some rosemary fries.

Myself? Well, I am a sucker for pesto and so any chance to eat it and not feel guilty is such a pure pleasure for me. Tofu pesto sandwich. Grilled Tofu and fresh basil-spinach pesto on a rustic roll, with romaine and onions and vegan mayo AND sweet potato fries. Hellz yeah! This was worth the 2,200 mile drive. Guilt of finishing every bite on my plate? HA! I could have gone for round two.


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