This week is the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale week, however, thanks to the lovely Siren that is Starbucks, I am working during the exact hours that all of these little sales are going on. Over at Locali on Franklin, last Sunday and this coming Sunday, Bake Me Up! LA is going to be selling everything that is sweet and delicious to help raise money for local animal shelters here in LA. Since I cannot make it in person, I am sending Brandon down there to grab a goodie bag full of happiness for me 🙂 Oh how I love having another half of me to live more hours in the day!

So now that we’re speaking of Locali, I just made it down there yesterday for the first time (after attempting to go to the Farmers Market at City Hall…parking?HA!) and I am not in LOVE with this store! My first “heaven” moment was when I saw the vegan marshmallows. I am the worlds biggest goober when it comes to making rice crispy treats. I love these little childhood favorites, yet knowing what’s in those little morsels of cloudy puffs sends me running for the hills instead of the campfires.

This little, and I do mean LITTLE convenience store carried so many vegan treats and options, I could have stayed in there for days just reading labels and admiring the clever packaging. Want a Pineapple Spritzer? They’ve got it. Want a Kale Roll up? Check. Strawberry flavored vegan condoms? Check again, and while we’re at hit lets through in the washable diapers and a giant earth happy chocolate chip cookie! Other than the spritzer I didn’t buy any of the other “goodies” I listed. I did indulge in a homemade tofu-egg salad sandwich that only a post match Luchador could finish in one sitting. It was ginormous and delectable. They do serve some non-animal friendly sandwiches, but that can easily be fixed for an extra 50 cents for a mock meat. I will definitely be making many trips to this little outlet.


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