Bakin’ in LA

When your kitchen is incorporated into a 400 square foot studio, with an oven the size of your childhood Easy-Bake (minus the light), baking does not hold its appeal as it once did. However, being re-inspired by other bakers, such as Bake and Destroy, the fire was lit again inside my ever-growing cupcake hungry soul. I needed to inhale that freshly baked cupcake aroma, the one that I so desperately wish my own skin would naturally emanate.

Since moving across the country in a car the size of a go-kart, I did not have any room to take all of my few, but precious kitchen items. I wanted to see how much baking items I could be able to scrounger up through local thrift stores. I headed over to the north side of Burbank to American Way Thrift since I heard that they had an extra discount for early birds. Not such a good idea. I love a deal, don’t get me wrong, I felt that I needed to buy scouring pads to clean my skin and nostrils after being in there for five minutes. I was not impressed. Plus the pans that I did find were the same price as if I went to Target and bought them brand-new. No
thank you.

I knew Target and IKEA were going to have to get me through my first batch of sprinkle filled cupcakes, so I hijacked it out of American Way fast! While heading back towards the foothills I passed Full o’ Life, a little store that I had heard about having some fun vegan food items. I quickly pulled in and was instantly greeted by the sweet aroma of some kind of black bean soup.

This grocery store acts as a little cafe, however, the cafe part wasn’t quite ready that early in the day. I was able to find some enticing edibles, though.
Back in the den I was eager to feel the whisk work its magic (yeah, no mixer either! oh the dark ages suck). With the oven being so small it takes about half the bake time of a normal oven. Ten minutes later I am greeted by the sweet smell of victory. Mmmm…sprinkles…

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