Moving Out West

The last couple of weeks have been quite crazy in the Ch’en household. Brandon and I decided that it was time to head out west and start anew. We arrived in the LA area the end of last month and were quite eager to check out all of the vegan options that we knew were tucked away in this concrete jungle.

In order to help work up our appetite we decided we needed to see a little ‘culture’. So we headed down to Sunnydale, aka, Torrance. Mind you this is not the best neighborhood to be in when you have no idea where you are going. Thankfully it was on a weekday and school was still in session. I tried to make my best Buffy moves, while not giving myself away as a total geek, and Brandon stood to the side to make sure to not be associated with me.

After a little Hellmouth, we made our way towards the final resting spot of Ms. Monroe. Tucked away in between massive office building is the Westwood cemetery. A truly amazing and well kept graveyard that held the late actress’ marker. All this morbid tourism definitely helped with our appetites!

One of our first outings was to a little place in NoHo, called Lotus Vegan. It is kind of a hole-in-the-wall place, but everything that they serve is vegan. I had some ‘chicken’ strips with soup and an awesome brown rice, while B had the Orange Chicken. None of their meals have added sugar and such, so the orange chicken was very maple syrup-y. How can you go wrong though eating a plate of maple syrup?


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