The Other L.A.

After our let down at Wheeler’s, Brandon and I knew that it was time for some T.J. Scallywags, another vegan joint that I had read about online. We met Raina at her house and went over to Allston to check out this all cruelty free diner. They had an amazing selection of American cuisine that was all vegan! Brandon ordered a chick’n Parmesan calzone, Raina-the spinach and tomato mozzarella calzone, and myself, an all out tofurky bacon club sandwich. All of these items were drool worthy. With bellies full we decided to fill up our little brains with some inspiring art that was on display at the ICA. Shepard Fairey had his work on display there while he was in the local Bostonian jail!

The next morning, Raina had to head back to work at the bakery in the wee hours, so again, B and I were left to wonder the streets unsupervised. Hello Harvard!
We hopped on the red line and headed up to one of the world’s most famous universities. Harvard. I had no idea that Cambridge was such a liberal feeling, vegan friendly, artsy phartsy little spot. We wondered aimlessly around the campus in awe of the hundreds of years old buildings and shops, making our way to Tealuxe. I guess this is a little local chain that serves up hand scooped tea and oh yes, ginormous vegan cookies. Ordering a Creme Brulee tea with soy, which totally tasted like acorn squash with maple syrup, and a giant choco-chip cookie put a huge smile on my face. On reaching my sugar fix we jumped back on the red line and went over to see MIT.

I have always wanted to see the Frank Gehry structure that is over in that neck of the woods, and yes, it was also a sight to bestow. I can not imagine drawing that up in AutoCADD!
It was getting late in the day so we went back to meet Raina so that we could all go up to the top of the Prudential Center (aka the Pru) and watch the sunset. Out of all of the tops of buildings that I have been to, this by far was one of the best sights that I have seen. It certainly can make a girl hungry for success staring at all those costly town homes, and for some more vegan grub.
Heading out again, we went to the South End. There is a little restaurant called DeLux which was like being in a friends bedroom that’s located in his parents house even though he’s forty. The decor was full of Elvis memorabilia, old record covers, a Christmas tree on the bar, and a brightly lit up Santa waiting for you outside the bathroom door. It was fantastic! They didn’t offer much other than cheeseless salad for vegans, but it was still a neat vibe.


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