80’s Valentines Day

It was Valentines day. A day for love, frivolity, cupcakes the size of my foot, engagement rings (that’s right), and the best of all, 80’s sing-a-long night at the Coolidge Theater.

Since it was Saturday, Raina did not have to make the trek to the bakery and we were left with a full day of vegan novelties. Brandon had seen this place in Harvard Square called Veggie Planet and we thought it would be a cool place to check out when all of us could go. So we were back on the red line and went to see what was served on a planet named Veggie.

Deep fried amazingness is the answer.

They have all vegan pizzas and/or rice dishes. You can order such things like Vegan Shepard’s Pie, Red Curry Peanut Tofu, or standard veggie and cheese as a rice dish or a pizza. Red Curry pizza had to be tried, and I am missing it already. It was coated with red curry paste, chunks of deep fried tofu, broccoli, peanuts, and rice on top of a hand made organic little crust. I have never had anything like it! This was definitely prepping me for some dessert.

Typing in ‘cupcakes’ into the map feature on the iPhone, we came across a place called Kickass Cupcakes, with a name that cool, we knew they had to carry vegan options. And we were right. Up in Davis Square this little shop had some of the most amazingly decorated little goodies and even ones for your dog and your cat. These choc-it-to-me cupcakes were piled with chocolate ganache. They were worth every calorie that nestled into my lower back side that day.

Now before we even boarded our plane to get to Boston, Raina informed me that for V-day we were all going to head down to Coolidge Corner and sing along to all the awesomely bad love song music videos from the 80’s. I just went along with the idea not knowing it would actually happen.
I don’t think anyone was really ready for what we were in for that night. It was 11:30 pm. It was freezing cold. There was a well established line outside of the Theater and we still had thirty more minutes before we could even take our seats. Was this going to be worth it?

Oh yes my friend, it most certainly was.

For the next three hours, Raina, Brandon and myself belted our hearts out to every love song music video that was projected before us. Mind you, none of us had even had alcohol that day. We shimmied with Pat to ward off evil pimps, we took A-Ha on, and we felt Rod’s infatuation while there was a total eclipse of our hearts. It was spectacular. Alas, all good things must come to an end. So we hailed a cab (OK, Raina did) and went back to the house to sleep well.


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