Rockin’ out in Boston

Over a very long and some what bitterly cold weekend, Brandon and I took on Boston, one vegan joint at time. Brandon had never been to Boston, and since I feel that Bean Town is the city for me, I had to take him and convince him that this was the town for him as well.

We flew out early early Thursday morning and landed in Boston ready to eat our way through. Raina was still at work, so we were left to fend for ourselves until the afternoon. We walked through the Financial District and then up through the North End, peeking into the Modern Pastry, Mike’s Pastry Shop and then, oh yeah, historic things like Paul Revere’s old joint. This city, for being not as large as most, as so much to offer the veg friendly soul! We were like little kids in a sweets store, winding through the old cow paths that would eventually lead us to Beacon Hill. We popped into a little bagel store next to the Old Meeting House and Old
Bookstore (which disappointingly is now a diamond store?!) The bagel was a good way to jump start our energy to go walk to Cheers, Quincy Market, Old State House and then to some disappointment.

Before even going to Boston, I had to make sure that I knew where all the “hot” spots were for us to eat at, and while doing some research I came across Wheelers Black Label Vegan Ice Cream. Reading that it was an all vegan ice cream joint, I could not wait to get there. After

about 45 minutes of confused wondering, Brandon and I finally got there, during business hours, and they just up and closed the shop! Someones stuff was still inside with their laptop open and everything, but nothing! No sign that ‘we went out to take a wee’, ‘my dog was coughing up hairballs’ or ‘zombies on the lose!’ NOTHING! We were quite put out needless to say. That is when we decided it was time to head over to Raina’s neck of the woods. Brighton.

One thought on “Rockin’ out in Boston

  1. Wheeler’s got caught having a party and serving minors alcohol. So they closed for a bit. I drove by the other day and saw their doors open. It’s a weird place. Good ice cream though. When I went last year they were still doing construction on the place.

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