Tempura Hangovers

Lately my sister and her husband have been frying up several batches of tempura to stay warm on these crappy Indiana nights. Hearing her talk about how amazing these little fried nuggets of who-knows-what are, I was curious to see just how tasty these things were and if I could make them in, of course, a vegan manner.

(the banana wontons)

So Susan and I decided to completely uphold our gender biased roles and sew up some old school aprons while cooking some tempura batches. Not knowing exactly what we were doing, I thought that we could buy tons of veggies and we would be able to eat them all with the help of two hunger guys. With a basket full of asparagus, carrots, a sweet potato, russet potato, green beans, extra firm tofu, red, green, and yellow pepper, and some bananas for some chocolate wonton frying to top it off, we were on our way for a gluttonous over load.

We made four batches of tempura batter with flour, sugar, baking powder, water, and sea salt. Having just a “practice” run, Susan, Brad and myself dived head first into a world full of beautiful pain. This was a new found heaven. Other than Brad’s vegetable sushi rolls, I am not sure if I have been more eager to consume more than five servings of something in such a short amount of time. (Brad’s Awesome Sushi)

Needless to say after eating batches and batches of these goodies and watching a head turning episode of LOST the aprons were slow in action. (Yes, it is cupcake fabric)


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